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As the global market transforms with rapid digitalisation, more businesses are also easing into Cloud-based technologies that have proven to be more flexible and efficient than their premise-based server counterparts.  Reportedly, the Cloud services market is expected to grow 18% from US$ 272.0 billion in 2018 to US$ 623.3 billion by 2023. This exponential growth not only verifies the viability of adopting Cloud technologies such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application for modern businesses; it also highlights the importance of adapting to the cloud economy to stay relevant in the marketplace. 

What Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Do for Your Business?

With Cloud technology being an integral part of most businesses, many small and medium enterprises in Singapore are deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to help their businesses run more optimally. Here are five benefits that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central such a sought-after game-changer.

Eliminating Silos 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central serves as a point to connect people, processes, and data in a single, unified solution despite location and time zone differences. This enables timely data sharing across all functions so that everyone is kept in the loop while driving towards a common goal. More importantly, it is a secure and centralised Cloud-based technology that is now fully integrated with Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, and Excel. This allows real-time updates and boosts efficiency in workflow, within and between departments. 

Actionable Insights  

Besides capturing the most current data, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also facilitates timely business analysis with predictive analytics. This allows the relevant departments to make accurate forecasts and sound business decisions based on up-to-date financial and inventory reports. Another benefit to this feature is that it enables your business to optimise available resources without wastage as well as avoid making decisions that are not based on complete data. Primarily, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great tool with built-in intelligence that can provide you with powerful insights that are not readily available in other solutions.

Start Small & Scale Up    

When you choose to use and work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you’re assured of low costs and no hefty upfront investments. It is a flexible solution that allows you to start small, and progressively implement more components as your business grows. You can choose to deploy features that suit your industry and objectives while paying a monthly subscription fee, and because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP solution, the infrastructure and maintenance costs are a lot lower when compared to onsite solutions.   

Seamless Integration with CRM   

In addition to providing accurate financial and inventory reports, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a full suite of Customer Relationship Management features that allow its users to maintain complete data of an organisation’s customers in a centralised repository. This includes capabilities to check schedules, keep track of the sales progress of your team, and get insights to upsell or cross-sell in one platform. With such information readily available, your team will be more equipped to improve customer experience with more timely services and cultivate more solid relationships.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is also a preferred tool for optimising Supply Chain Management. This is due to its robust built-in intelligence that predicts when and what to replenish without overstocking or overextending your cash flow. More importantly, the platform also helps you easily manage your warehouse storage spaces with the best placement of incoming and outgoing stocks using different templates. Such a feature is extremely useful for businesses since warehouse spaces are scarce and extremely expensive to maintain.  

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Contact NaviWorld today to find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help your business today. This ERP solution offers industry-specific capabilities for many industries, some of which include the likes of distribution, manufacturing, public sector, retail, and services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is definitely a dynamic game-changer for small and medium enterprises that strive to remain relevant in an ever-changing economy.  

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