LS Central – Unified Retail Commerce System

LS Central Mobile POS

Stop using a different IT system for each separate part of your retail business. Say goodbye to struggles with complicated integration and platforms that don’t communicate properly. Say no to unclear data, uncontrolled costs, and no real overview of the customer journey.  LS Central Unified Retail System offers a modern fully integrated ERP solution for the retail industries.

LS Central is the unified commerce system that helps you keep it all under control. One system, replacing all the separate platforms you are using now. All data is collected in one central place, so you can track sales, stock and productivity in real-time, in all your locations, from the back office.

With LS Central you can finally know your business and your customers, and create experiences they will love.

LS Central unified commerce system delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by large and small retailers, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and inconsistent interfaces. Its unique use of a single application to cover store to headquarters; the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the back-office functions required at head office, sets LS Central apart from all other solutions in the market.

Since 1988, LS Retail has been singularly focused on providing solutions to meet the needs of the demanding retail environment on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.  The LS Retail solution has been translated into 33 languages and is distributed through a global partner network of more than 120 certified partners in over 60 countries. With over 2.000 companies and 39.000 stores and over 80.000 POS terminals, LS Retail is the global leader in retail ERP solutions for Microsoft Dynamics.

Powerful LS Central Unified Retail System

LS Central Unified Retail System is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Navision); therefore, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. This makes it possible to track individual transactions from the POS to General Ledger, which maximizes your business value.

This also means that users have access to other parts of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application, such as Finance, Sales and Marketing, Warehousing and Service. Because of the integration between LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, users need only become familiar with one interface and the same logic applies to usage at all levels.

The Complete Business Management Retail Solution

  • Raise productivity – for healthy margins and a strong bottom line
  • Easily produce visuals, tables, reports – for optimizing your business plan
  • Make your processes transparent and efficient – for customer satisfaction and easy-to-measure business performance
  • Grow your business – quickly adapt to changes in your organization and environment while the cost of ownership stays low

LS Central Unified Retail System by Industry

Food and Grocery

Food and Grocery Retail

LS Central addresses challenges facing retailers in the Grocery sector for example managing multiple stores with short shelf-life products.

Food retailers face many challenges today, from maintaining item lists to selecting the right products. The most common lost sales opportunity is products becoming out-of-stock, averaging at 8% industry wide and peaking to 16% during important product promotion periods. LS Central Unified Retail System provides up-to-date technology, which any company, large or small, can use to increase its efficiency, minimize costs and maintain customer loyalty.

Apparel and Fashion

Apparel and Fashion Retail

With LS Central Unified Retail System, your HQ, back offices and POS terminals all share the same application and functionality.

In today´s environment, fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable in order to thrive. There are many and ever increasing challenges in this sector. From long lead times in manufacturing and supply chain, bi-annual buying cycles, complex size color and style forecasting, multi-channel consumer expectations to in-store stock availability and customer service. LS Central Unified Retail System has addressed those challenges and offers a comprehensive solution for fashion retailers on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Furniture Retail

You have total control over your furniture store with the retail ERP solutions from LS Central.

From custom builds, special orders, standard stock management to everyday fast moving household items, specialty furniture and home furnishing, retailers must be flexible and adaptable; customer-focused and provide competitive differentiation over mass merchandisers featuring low cost, low service offerings in the market. For that reason, leading furniture retailers need to provide exceptional service levels and have the supporting technological infrastructure to enable both customer and staff satisfaction in maximizing sales.


Electronics Retail

With LS Central, you have control over your inventory and stock assortment in order to maximize your sale.

Store formats around the world range from tight airport outlets to electronics and appliance superstores. Electronics retailers face the challenge of meeting high consumer expectations and utilizing space to provide the right selection of products. LS Central Unified Retail System offers features that respond to those problems and help businesses to maintain high levels of customer service whilst increasing sales and profitability.

LS Central Unified Retail System by Functions

Point of Sales (POS)

Speedy and error-free processing with online benefits at all times

The Point of sale system can be used with both keyboard and touch screen equipment and offers features that make sales transactions easy to set up, manage and process for any retail business. The POS sets new standards for speed, ease-of-use and error-free processing of retail sales. It is a fast, dependable and powerful POS application with a graphic user interface, working online, or offline for optimal resilience with the online benefits in place at all times.

Instore Management

LS Central Unified Retail System includes powerful back-office functionality both in the store and at the head office. It gives the store manager total control of activities within the store and manages the replication of data between the POS terminals, back office and head office. The InStore Management functionality is also replicated at the Head Office allowing decisions to be executed without delay.

Inventory Control

If you would like to time your inventory flow so that you always have fresh merchandise and a healthy turnover rate, the InStore system provides your company with the tools to effectively streamline inventory control.
The InStore Management functions use worksheets to specify the work processes by configuration. The user-friendly worksheet layouts all have a similar look to simplify organizing the many different processes. Worksheets automatically fill out transactions, which minimizes time-consuming manual data entries by the user, and guarantees that all entries are correct

Empower Retailers

InStore Management functions change the way stores operate. It allows the control of operations through radio frequency (RF) technology, which was developed as a result of years of close collaboration with leading retailers. It supports an advanced complex retail framework for variant collection. This functionality allows the user to create a unit that includes a number of variants (collection) and use it in all stock transactions, purchasing and selling to reference, to the collection of variants behind it.

Member Management

Loyalty, Offers and Coupons

The Member Management functionality includes Loyalty, Offers and Coupons. It makes it easy for organizations to collect powerful information about the customers, collect sales data while benefiting from their previous purchases, for instance within club-schemes. If the customer benefits enough by joining a well-defined club, retailers that offer the member management functionality will collect important data about the behaviour and interests of the customer and target the customer in the most effective way.

Effective Sales and Price Management

LS Central Unified Retail System offers several tools for effective sales and price management. The pricing mechanism is built on the price structure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Items can have multiple prices that are valid on different dates or periods, or on different tender types. Different stores, customers or both can enjoy different prices, and these are just a few of the options available


LS Central includes merchandising and replenishment functionality to support retail managers in the efficient management of their retail business. Size, colour and style data (where applicable) on individual items, product groups or item categories is used to create Stock profiles. This is combined in a simple matrix with the store, store groups and store type profiles to calculate the optimum stock replenishment

Optimum stock replenishment

Size, colour and style data (where applicable) on individual items, product groups or item categories is used to create stock profiles. This is combined in a simple matrix with the store, store groups and store type profiles to calculate the optimum stock replenishment.

Full control over the distribution of stock

Each stock profile includes a description of where the items should be delivered from and then a stock transfer request is passed to the distribution centre or data is passed to the purchase order processing modules for ordering from a supplier.

Fast Performance and High Return on Investment

The Allocation Plan functionality is a powerful tool to prepare a season, pre-plan purchasing and how to distribute retail items. It supports the buyer in:

  • Planning the buying process
  • Allocating planned quantity
  • Allocating to stores and customers
  • Planning buffer quantity

Two different methods are used for allocation. The first is Distribute, which is a top-down method where the total quantity is decided and calculated down to each store. The second is Defined, where the user defines pattern quantities for each distribution group, for instance size and color combinations. Allocation Plan can then create Purchase, Transfer and Sales Orders according to the plan. Buyer’s Push and Cross Docking support the same user interface and process as the Allocation Plan.

Special Orders

Customize your products

With the Special Order functionality, customers can order customized items based on their own preference such as sofas with different types of upholstery, clothing garments, computers, electronics, prescription glasses, and many more. Special ordering is not limited to items that need to be customized; it can be used for all items on file.

Mobile POS

Improve the in-store experience

Equip the sales associate with a mobile POS, providing personalized customer service when assisting on the shop floor. View customer offers, coupons, interests, shopping history along with item details and availability and close the sale on the spot without having to go to the cash register.

Mobile Loyalty

Boost loyalty with customer-centric retailing

The Mobile Loyalty solution integrates directly with the Member Management feature in LS Central Unified Retail System. It allows the customers to view their loyalty points’ balance as well as to see offers, coupons and notifications pertaining specifically to their registered profile information in the system. To complement the Member Management integration the Mobile Loyalty solution also contains a host of other features such as:

  • Browsing the item catalogue or locating an item through barcode scanning.
  • Viewing a selected item, seeing all details and images as well as the inventory level and where the item is in stock.
  • Finding stores through a store locator and getting driving or walking directions to the selected store.
  • Creating and maintaining shopping lists.
  • Viewing previous transactions, with an option to search for individual previously purchased items


Your customer chooses the touch-point

Enable multiple touch-point interaction with the customer through our suite of mobile applications. Add mobility and e-Commerce to the traditional brick-and-mortar retailing, allowing customers to approach the retailer through their chosen touch-point.

Mobile Inventory

Inventory processes go mobile

The Mobile Inventory is a highly adaptable solution where the functionality of the mobile application is controlled by Dynamics 365 Business Central. The LS Central Mobile Inventory application is fully configured in LS Central Unified Retail System. At startup the application gets its setup configuration from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central web service. This includes the layouts, images and menus available to the user, as well as data about the terminal, store and staff. This data along with customer, vendor and item information is stored locally on the device. The functionality include, among others:

  • Lookup (online)
  • Item, customer, vendor
  • Worksheets (online and offline)
  • Stock management
  • Documents (online and offline)
  • Receiving, Picking

Business Intelligence Solution

LS Central BI is a Business Intelligence Solution specifically designed for LS Central. Easy installation – up and running in a day

LS Retail BI provides multitude of reporting possibilities in the main areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, such as inventory, purchasing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and finance. You can monitor days of supply to prevent stock-outs as well as your inventory turnover. You can analyze the cost in your P/L, evaluate your accounts payable and receivable processes. With the LS Sales measurement you can analyze and report on a multitude of measures and dimensions specific to LS Central. LS Central BI is based on the Microsoft BI framework and uses Microsoft Excel as its presentation layer which minimizes end-user training. No longer do you have to wait weeks and months for your reports so your return on investment is instantaneous.

Analyze your Sales

Do you know what your most profitable products are? Do you know who your most valuable customers are? With LS Central BI you can do ad-hoc reporting, spot behaviour, analyze seasonal effects, compare year over year results, you can even analyze all your sales down to 15-minute intervals for all your stores and POSs. LS Sales provides unsurpassed possibilities in terms of sales analysis, including basket analysis.

Analyze your Finance

Allows for detailed analysis of your P/L and Balance sheet. Currency, Company and time dimensions provide additional possibilities. Compare actuals with budget YTD and make sure that you don’t have any uncertainties or unexplained variances.

Analyze your Purchasing

Analyze your buying patterns with your vendors and use the information to negotiate better terms or change purchase strategies. You can report on multiple companies and perform analysis based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central global dimensions. There is a lot of improved performance and bottom-line result that can be attained on the buy-side, so make sure you have the tools to do that.

Analyze your Accounts Receivable

What is your current receivables balance? How is that divided into time buckets? Are your collection processes working? By analyzing aging on overdue invoices you can measure and intercept if you don’t like what you’re seeing. Analyze your receivables by companies, customers, salespersons, over time and use the Dynamics 365 Business Central Global Dimensions to create additional possibilities in analyzing your data.

Track your Accounts Payable

With accounts payable, you can track your payable balance over time and you can see your payable turnover in the number of days. How big a percentage of your payable is paid before the due date? Are your payable processes working efficiently? Which of your vendors have a reason to be happy and which ones don’t? Track your average days outstanding to make sure you’re not paying unnecessary late fees.

Measure your Inventory

Measure your inventory turnover, pr. company, pr. location, pr. product group, over time and thus give yourself the chance to make improvements and save money on the buy-side. Track your stock value and quantity on a daily basis and monitor inventory levels to prevent stock-outs.