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Whether you are in the wholesale and distribution industry or manufacturing industry, there is always room to implement the latest technology to your business processes. If there is a way to improve your daily operations and increase sales and revenue, why not? 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has been the talk of the town for a few years now and it has become increasingly apparent that the implementation of systems such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can positively impact workflow and production within a company. What will these impacts look like for businesses in the wholesale and retail industry? 

1. Effective Management of Warehouse

Managing warehouses is a challenging task for both wholesale and distribution businesses in Singapore, especially when they have larger quantities of products to manage. Therefore, using an ERP system is the key to manage a series of internal warehouse activities including obtaining, transferring, picking, and shipping items. With the system running in the background, organizing and maintaining the inventory can be smoothly done.

The Microsoft Business Central system is an essential tool for centralizing the management of all warehouse operations. It will aid in data collection from the receiving department to the shipping department, ensuring that everything is in its proper location. Another benefit of using this framework is the ease of which you can manage all of your data in one application.

2. Effective Management of Assembly Order

One of the most important aspects of handling a large company’s output would be the assembly order. Your company will definitely be able to deliver the right amount of goods to your customer on time if you use the ERP system effectively.

Furthermore, with Microsoft Business Central, you can manage the creation of blanket assembly orders – it will do the work of specifying which items and how many items need to be assembled. Then, the system will proceed to manage the assembling of the items and finally, to sell them to customers in and out of Singapore.

3. Improved Workflow

When you have an organisation of hundreds of employees, it can be difficult to assign specific tasks and even supervise their jobs, which can lead to major conflicts. Workflows can be enhanced, however, with the use of newly designed applications for organisations and businesses.

You don’t have to send emails one by one to notify every employee about their tasks that need to be done because the new system will do It automatically for you. Using an ERP system, you can quickly set up each employee’s workflow and delegate their tasks to them without having to go through a lot of trouble.

4. Neat Inventory

Handling a complex inventory is one of the most common challenges that business and company owners in Singapore face, and any mishandling or carelessness can lead to a loss in profit. As a result, getting the right system in place to handle and update the inventories is extremely beneficial. 

Another good thing about ERP systems is being cost-efficient because you don’t need to hire someone who would take note of all of your stocks for a single item. It is also possible to categorise the products so that out-of-stock items can be quickly updated. 

Furthermore, since all purchases, invoices, and statements are registered in the system, you will not lose track of any inventory data. By assigning serial numbers to your stocks, tracking inbound and outbound products has never been easier with the Microsoft Business Central.

Give ERPs a Shot For Your Business Today

ERP systems are particularly beneficial for corporations and organisations that manage a significant amount of production and hundreds or thousands of employees, but it can prove to be useful for small and medium sized (SME) businesses as well. You will learn more about the advantages of introducing Microsoft Business Central to your wholesale and distribution business by visiting our website.

Find out the full benefits of implementing Microsoft Business Central today. Get in touch with Naviworld to find out more.

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