FortyTwo Runs Dynamics 365 Business Central

Implemented by NaviWorld Singapore Pte. Ltd. in 3 Months

FortyTwo runs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) on 1 Jul 2019.  They selected Dynamics 365 Business Central and Partner NaviWorld Singapore in Feb 2019.  The project allows them to support the next phase of business growth when the project went live on 1 Jul 2019.

About FortyTwo

FortyTwo, previously, is the largest home furnishing eCommerce Retailer in Singapore.  It has more than 220,000 visitors a month and 160 employees.

FortyTwo used internally developed solutions with a non-integrated accounting package to manage their business.  As the business evolved at a faster pace and higher volume, existing business processes have become very tedious.  It was challenging to deliver the on-time information and efficiency that they promise their customers.

How FortyTwo Selected Dynamics 365 Business Central

During the evaluation process, FortyTwo extensively studied the prominent ERP solutions that are available in Singapore.  They looked into the technological superiority, the depth of functionality, and the ease to fully integrated into their various eCommerce Web Sites.

The ease of support and access to the development codes are the other two important factors that they had considered.

FortyTwo especially paid attention to the knowledge and capability of the implementation partner.  After months of assessment, they engaged the consulting team from NaviWorld Singapore Pte. Ltd. to implement their project.

According to Mr. Jasper Chen, CTO of FortyTwo, their selection was based on the following critical factors:

1.       Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the very few ERPs that come with very strong integrated solutions for on-line (eCommerce) and off-line retail business (through LS Retail Add-On).

2.       NaviWorld Singapore team demonstrated superior knowledge and understanding of the challenges and solutions for their furniture retail business and eCommerce.

3.       NaviWorld Singapore team is well known for its implementation.  This was evidenced by the numerous projects that they recovered and their numerous happy customer references.

About NaviWorld Singapore

NaviWorld Singapore Pte. Ltd. is well known for our high quality of ERP implementation.  Our track records include successful project recoveries since we were established nearly 6 years ago.  Our average project stabilizations of 2 weeks have set a very high standard in the ERP industry.

NaviWorld Singapore Pte. Ltd. is part of the NaviWorld Group that started 20 years ago.  Over the years, the group had established a reputation in the implementation and support of ERP solutions in the Asia region.

The Implementation Process

From the start, the implementing teams from NaviWorld Singapore and FortyTwo knew that it will be a tough project.  The project kicked-off in Mar 2019.  The teams had only about 3 months to get the project live without disrupting daily revenue generation processes.

Besides the Finance, Sales, Purchase, and Advanced Warehouse Management, this project included other advanced requirements.  These included the integrated mobility bar code scanning (BC AnyWhere Mobility).  It also needs to integrate into eCommerce sites and route planning portal, ElasticRoute.  These further complicated the project.

The importance of Project Management is fully demonstrated in this project.  Close tracking, good communication, planning, and high-quality consulting work are the trademarks of this project.

The project successfully went live on 1 Jul 2019 as planned.  Both teams managed to achieve this in 3 months for a project that typically requires at least 6 months.

After Project Went Live

One of the key factors to get this project live in such a short duration is to prioritize the must-have from the nice-to-have requirement.

Since the project lived, the teams continue to fine-tune the business process and conducted change management.  This is to ensure that all members of the FortyTwo team utilize the new system to bring the company to the next height.

This project is probably one of the most challenging ERP projects in 2019.  Both Teams are very proud of this achievement.

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