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Here at Naviworld, we have gone through the countless perks and benefits that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can bring to businesses in Singapore, including those in the manufacturing industry. Well, if you own a business in the distribution and wholesale industry and are looking for intelligent ways to improve workflow in your organisation, you are going to want to read this. 

Distribution businesses have countless processes and operations that can be automated by the existence of an ERP system. Read on to find out all the rewards that you and your distribution business can stand to reap from implementing a robust and efficient ERP system. 

1.  Streamlined Supply Chain Processes

All distribution businesses involve the purchasing of goods from suppliers, efficient management of inventory and shipping products to customers in a timely manner. ERP systems work perfectly for distribution businesses with an integrated workflow that is able to fully automate order processing across your entire business or supply chain.

Besides helping you and your staff with supplies procurement, it also keeps track of payment dates and invoicing to ensure that you will never be behind any bills at any time. 

2. Real-time Cross-department information

On top of having full insight into your supply chain processes and statuses, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules are also included in ERP systems so you will be able to view relevant tasks and activity history. This way, you will be able to stay on top of every single order, supplies, and logistics at a single glance and also ensure customer satisfaction, which leads to a higher rate of customer retainment. 

Bid goodbye to long, wordy reports or excel spreadsheets that your staff has to prepare monthly, weekly, or even daily. There will be no need for hand-typed emails and time-consuming inventory reports as this can all be automatically generated with the touch of a button with an efficient ERP system. This way, you can do away with unnecessary mistakes committed by human error since computerised data will be far more accurate than data gathered by humans. 

 3. Better Planning

With such a good grasp of your incoming and outgoing stocks, you will definitely be able to reap the benefits of the increased demand planning capability that an ERP system has to offer. By observing the buying patterns of your new and returning customers with predictive analysis based on past trends, you will be able to keep up with their purchasing needs and ensure that your distribution business will always be able to cater to your customers’ buying preferences. Thanks to ERP implementation, you will always be prepared for your customers. 

4. Better Workplace Productivity

If you have read this far, you would have gathered that having an ERP system in place would save you a good amount of time and labour costs. Additionally, it will boost productivity in the workplace since there is no longer a need to keep track of stocks and inventory manually. With your employees freed up to work on more revenue-generating tasks, you can expect to see a climb in business performance after implementing an ERP system. 

Improve Your Organisation With ERP Systems

Here at Naviworld, we are experienced with helping countless businesses transition into automated processes and we know too well that it can be a big step to take to digitalise your business processes and invest in an ERP system. Contact Naviworld today, and we will address your concerns one step at a time and guide you and your business through this transition with our professional advice. 


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