What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve and transform. These applications unify CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications that work seamlessly together to help manage specific business functions across Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Financials, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Marketing, and Customer Insights.

Accelerate your digital transformation to meet the changing needs of customers and capture the new business opportunities of tomorrow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functionalities

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DYNAMICS 365 For Sales – Turn Relationships Into Revenue

  • Grow your business

Increase revenue while reducing acquisition cost using intelligent insights, sales CRM, and business processes.

  • Stay focused

Reduce distractions and know where to prioritize to maximize performance in fast-paced sales environments. Understand customer behavior, trends, and potential value. Your sales team will be ready to build and develop customer relationships, regardless of how customers engage with you.

  • Win faster

Work smarter, be more productive, and collaborate through sales management software. Work on the go—anytime, anywhere—with rich, mobile apps that provide contextual news, social data, and task flows.

DYNAMICS 365 For Customer Service – Earn Customers For Life Revenue

  • Earn customer loyalty

Minimize customer effort, proactively address issues, and deliver more personalized, seamless service.

  •  Empower every agent

Give agents the knowledge they need to deliver faster, more consistent service.

  •  Adapt to changing needs

Anticipate and react quickly to customer, business, and market demands using a customer service software application with intelligence built in. Identify trends, anticipate opportunities, and gain invaluable insights through interactive dashboards and data visualization capabilities.

DYNAMICS 365 For Operations, Enterprise Edition – Drive Big Growth For Big Business

  • Finance

Get a live view of all your numbers and data analytics from Dynamics 365 for Operations. This cloud-based Microsoft ERP system provides the relevant information you need to deliver strategic, data-driven insights to key departments. This helps you:

  • Gain immediate financial insights.
  • Drive corporate strategy and growth.
  • Decrease debt through efficient collection management
  • Manufacturing

Get visibility across connected distribution, customer service, sales, and marketing systems so you can innovate your products and processes to meet rising expectations. Dynamics 365 for Operations delivers this ERP system continuity and helps you:

  • Simplify production floor management
  • Accelerate product introductions
  • Offer flexibility in delivery alternatives.
  • Retail

Give your salespeople the product and customer information they need to provide immediate, personalized service across social media, mobile sites, stores, and other retail touch points. Dynamics 365 for Operations also helps you:

  • Deliver amazing customer experiences
  • Move products smoothly from procurement to sale
  • Merchandise effectively.
  • IT Services

Get real-time information on almost any device, at any time. Dynamics 365 for Operations simplifies and accelerates business process changes. And it’s based in the cloud, so it integrates with legacy systems and scales globally with ease. So your organization:

  • Enables rapid business transformation.
  • Cost-effectively supports the IT needs of the business.
  • Grows at its own pace.

DYNAMICS 365 For Field Service – Master The Service Call

Increase customer satisfaction with intelligent scheduling, native mobile support, and remote asset monitoring to help you get the job done right the first time.

  • Optimize your scheduling

Automatically optimize schedules, reallocate resources quickly during escalations, improve first-time fix rates, and simplify dispatching for field service companies.

  • Equip your mobile workforce

Provide real-time customer insights and guidance, use barcode and RFID readers, and process work orders from mobile apps.

  • Profit from predictive services

Go from a traditional break-fix repair model to never-fail service model by integrating Microsoft IoT. Automate troubleshooting and remote fixes so a technician is dispatched only when necessary.

DYNAMICS 365 For Project Service Automation – Profit From Your Projects

Run your project-based business more productively by bringing people, processes, and automation technology together through a unified experience.

  • Create profitable relationships

Earn your customers’ loyalty by using intelligent automation services to deliver accurate estimates that meet expectations.

  • Enable productive employees

Work efficiently through automation technology, collaboration tools, training, and a complete view into client relationships.

  • Innovate to grow

Get the real-time insights you need to prepare for change. Set clear, companywide business priorities, make decisions fast, and grow profitably.

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DYNAMICS 365 For Marketing – Unify Sales and Marketing To Connect Customer Experiences

Bring your marketing content, data, and processes together with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud—to deliver engaging customer experiences across all touchpoints

  • Create better customer experiences

Take a more proactive approach to sales and marketing. Anticipate customer needs, uncover insights, and personalize across all touchpoints.

  • Drive your business forward

Align sales and marketing activities to extract more customer value. Sell faster and more efficiently—while creating and measuring marketing ROI.

  • Rely on a trusted partnership

Support your digital transformation strategy with the experience and innovation of Microsoft and Adobe—at a global scale.

  • Create a 360-degree view of customers

Get a comprehensive view of your customers across sales and marketing, providing a new understanding of their journey

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DYNAMICS 365 For Customer Insights – Deliver a Personalized Experience

Better understand and engage with customers by giving employees the relevant insights they need from intelligent customer analytics.

  • Enhance employee productivity

Give your frontline employees easy access to intelligent insights on how to best serve your customers.

  • Know customers better

Get a 360-degree view of your customers to predict their needs and optimize the customer experience.

  • Improve collaboration and consistency

Get marketing, sales, and service teams on the same page through a single, easy-to-reference dashboard.