Working at NaviWorld Singapore

Working Environment

We make efforts in developing and maintaining a conducive working environment and a spirit of co-operation and teamwork.  We will ensure that our working lives are made challenging, pleasant and productive.

Team Members working in NaviWorld Singapore differentiate ourselves through the following:

  • Strong Teamwork and Customer Focus
  • Emphasize on effective project management to complete the project on time and within budget
  • Ethical in our business practices by minimizing customization to reduce the risk of the project
  • Be the most competent implementer and always implement the latest ERP version when they are available and feasible for the project.

We believe that “We Deliver Solutions, Not Just Promises.

Company Culture

  • Personal Ownership and Responsibility:  You are responsible for the tasks that are assigned to you and respond to its successful and timely delivery
  • Flexibility: We provide flexibility for you to perform and deliver your work. And for you to work most efficiently with a balance to your personal and family life.
  • Friendly and supportive attitudes: The Directors and Managers not only supervise and monitor but also guide and train staff members and give them any supports they need to complete tasks successfully
  • Believe in Teamwork:  We do not believe that consulting work is just individual talent.  For projects to be successful, we leverage the strength and specialization of each team members and work as one.
  • Provide adequate equipment:  We provide laptops and equipment to our staff so that they can perform effectively and efficiently, with consideration to their workplace health and safety.
  • Punctuality and Dress code: we appreciate punctuality and formal dress code as a leading consulting firm. Staff members are reminded that as we are engaged in professional practice and the internal regulation help you to improve your appearance and professional manner.
  • Constantly Better Ourselves:  We look for opportunity and methods to better our performance through learning, sharing, creativity and problem-solving skill.  We dare to try new things that others find an excuse to avoid as long as they make us better.

Ultimately, we aim to achieve “Happy Customers, Profitable Projects!

Training and Career Development

  • The Firm’s commitment is to offer you the opportunity to grow with the Firm to fulfil your professional ambitions. The pace at which you progress up each level of responsibility is entirely dependent upon your ability and potential.
  • Encourage and appreciate your professional certificates: the Firm will pay examination fees if the eligible staff member passes an approved examination by the first attempt.
  • Sponsor for professional and soft skill training as sponsored courses are relevant to the staff’s area of work and recognized by the Firm.

Internal Training


  • Offer a competitive salary package to appreciate your contributions according to your performance.
  • Budget for team building activities such as dinners, karaoke, bowling and other team building games to celebrate new wins or a special anniversary.

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